MDA Founder Chairs SIOP's 2017 Leading Edge Consortium


The Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) tapped Sandra O. Davis, Ph.D., LP, Chair and Founder, MDA Leadership Consulting, to chair the 2017 Leading Edge Consortium Planning Committee as it designs the upcoming conference, “Innovations in Executive Coaching: Deepening Your Expertise in a Dynamic World,” on October 20-21, 2017, at the Minneapolis Hilton.

Organizations and the leaders who run them live in an environment of change, disruption and complexity. They expect executive coaches to keep pace with them in accelerating their learning and applying breakthroughs. Their expectations require executive coaches to continually expand their own horizons in fostering executive growth. The 13th Annual Leading Edge Consortium, “Innovations in Executive Coaching: Deepening your Expertise in a Dynamic World” will enable executive coaches to upgrade and enhance their skills, so they can keep pace with their clients’ needs.

During this multi-faceted conference, executive coaches will hear from both top thinkers and practitioners about new approaches, models and interventions in executive coaching. From cross-cultural challenges to neuropsychology, from coaching models to the use of technology, and from internal coaching to team coaching, participants will hear the latest perspectives in executive coaching.

The 2017 Leading Edge Consortium will delve into topics that will deepen executive coaches’ expertise, provoke their thinking, and connect them with others who share a passion for excellence in coaching. Click here more information or to register.