Consent and Use Information

MDA Leadership is pleased to offer the online inventories portion of our assessment process online. The online inventories measure aspects of personality, interests, and abilities. These inventories are used to better understand how a person's natural abilities match the job requirements of a given position. In other words, the assessment process is designed to examine job-related aptitude and characteristics, rather than personal lifestyle or medically-related information.

Email Instructions

Please keep the email you received containing the instructions available until you complete your assessment.

Consent and Use of Information

A required next step is to review and agree to the following Consent and Use of Information which provides specific details about how your assessment data will be used. If you have any questions, please contact MDA Leadership Consulting at (612) 259-4252.

Understanding the Use of Information

At MDA Leadership Consulting, we believe that it is our responsibility to help you fully understand how your assessment information will be used so you can make an informed decision about your participation in it. We also have specific obligations to the client organization that requested your participation in this assessment and want to make sure you understand that we will be sharing the results of your assessment with them either orally, in writing, or both. Your participation in this assessment process is completely voluntary as is your consent to allow us to release your assessment results to the organization that requested your assessment. At any point after signing this release form, but prior to our releasing the results of your assessment to the client organization, you may rescind your consent by notifying us in writing of your desire to do so.

The assessment process involves gathering information about you in order to develop an understanding of your work-related skills, abilities, knowledge, characteristics, and your approach to work. The process will typically include the following:

  • A work style interview that focuses on your educational and professional background, your plan and goals, your strengths and limitations, and other work information;
  • A variety of cognitive ability tests and personality inventories; and
  • One or more standardized work simulation exercises.

In most cases, we will be in contact with the client organization to share your results within 48 hours after your assessment date. Our summary will discuss your results in the context of the client organization’s culture, your career development, and/or a specific role in the organization. We will also provide a confidential written summary of your assessment results to the client organization within approximately one week of your assessment day.

We believe that it is your right to receive verbal feedback on your assessment results and that your knowledge of them can be extremely valuable in helping to develop your skills. As such, we encourage you to participate in a feedback session at no cost to you. For individuals already employed by the client organization, we will either make your feedback appointment before you leave our office or you can call at a later date to schedule an appointment. For those not already employed by the client organization, please wait until the organization informs you of their hiring decision and then contact us to schedule a feedback session. The length and location (via telephone or in-person) of a feedback session varies by client organization and purpose.

Access to Data

Your records are confidential and access to them is limited to those who can legitimately expect to receive and use the information. However, we conduct research on our process and assessment tools from time to time, and we may include your assessment results, without individual-identifying information, as part of a group for research purposes. No personally identifiable information from your assessment will be released to individuals or organizations other than the client organization. Of course, there is the unlikely requirement that such information would be released upon court order or to conform to state or federal law, rule, or regulation.

By selecting “I Agree” below, I consent to the use and release, as described in this document, of any and all assessment information collected by MDA Leadership Consulting, Inc.


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