• Anna Sackett, Ph.D.
    Senior Consultant

    Partnering with leaders to create effective integrated talent solutions

  • Betsy Gaines, M.S.
    Senior Consultant

    Connecting with leaders to leverage their strengths

  • Erik Williams, M.B.A.
    Senior Consultant

    Facilitating positive change and unlocking potential in clients

  • Jeff Stoner, M.Ed.
    SVP of Leadership Development and Coaching Services

    Developing great leaders that build great organizations and communities

  • Jeffrey D. Hinds, Psy.D.
    Vice President of Private Equity/Principal Consultant

    Helping business leaders make smart hiring decisions

  • Jenny Swanson, Ph.D.
    Senior Consultant

    Partnering with senior leaders to help them identify company needs and aid in their resolution

  • Jim Laughlin, M.F.A.
    VP of Consulting, Northeast Region

    Partnering with executives to accelerate growth and transformation

  • Kevin Louiselle, Ph.D.
    EVP of Talent Strategy and Assessment/Partner

    Designing and delivering custom people-development solutions

  • Lisa Gordon, Ph.D., L.P.
    Principal Consultant

    Partnering with senior leaders to support thinking, planning, and execution

  • Mary Lund

    Aligning organizational goals and ensuring implementation success

  • Meghan Harris Kofoed, M.A.

    Helping leaders awaken their potential and leverage their strengths

  • Michael Hepperlen, Ph.D.
    Senior Consultant

    Helping business leaders make smart hiring decisions

  • Natalie Sokol, M.A.

    Partnering with clients to make smart hiring decisions informed by fit and culture

  • Sandra Davis, Ph.D., L.P.
    Chair and Founder

    Helping boards navigate succession planning, and developing CEO candidates

  • Sarah Murphy, Ph.D.
    Principal Consultant

    Helping business leaders fill their leadership pipeline

  • Scott E. Nelson, M.A.

    Helping organizations build and leverage their talent acumen

  • Sean Allen, M.B.A, M.S. Finance, Ph.D.
    VP of Consulting, Western Region

    Working with senior leaders to achieve strategic priorities and drive business results

  • Sharon Sackett, Ph.D.
    SVP of CEO and Board Services and Executive Assessment

    Advising leading organizations with their top-of-the-house succession and talent decisions

  • Shawn Jones
    Consultant, Multi-Rater Survey Manager

    Helping clients and consultants work to peak effectiveness

  • Tony Carthen, M.A.

    Translating individual characteristics into leadership capabilities