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Developing Function Leaders to Drive Business Growth

Need more effective function leaders?

“Great things do not just happen by impulse.” -Vincent Van Gogh

Leadership excellence doesn’t just happen. You don’t wake up one day and discover you’re a quality leader any more than you wake up as a world-famous artist. It takes time and ongoing development.

That’s why function leaders and their employers stand to gain so much from development opportunities geared toward their needs, especially around topics like strategy, innovation, and change management. As leaders of organizational units, geographic regions, product groups or customer segments, function executives have significant spans of responsibility—and potential to provide tremendous competitive value to their employers.

To measurably boost the performance of your function leaders, consider the Function Leader Development Experience (FLDE), a highly targeted, experiential development opportunity. In this 17-minute highlight video from a Training Magazine webinar, hear how FLDE helped Debbie Stang, Chief Operating Officer, Midco and Ben Dold, VP of Central Operations, Midco, drive organizational performance.

For a deeper dive into the research that informs FLDE, read our white paper, Developing Those Who Lead Functions. Clearly, function leader development is an imperative for organizations seeking business growth. Learn more about the Function Leadership Development Experience (FLDE) today.

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