Talent Assessment

Use critical insights to make better talent decisions

MDA Leadership helps organizations to determine leader readiness to execute on their strategy and provides them with the insights they need to make crucial talent decisions. Having the right people in the right roles at the right times is critical for driving a high-performance culture that leads to business growth. Our assessment approach enables you to hire and promote leaders who will deliver on your strategic and cultural intent.

Organizations apply our assessments in three ways:

  • Selection—to assess candidates for hire or promotion into a specific position
  • Development—to define strengths and development opportunities
  • Succession—to evaluate potential and/or readiness for a future role

Our assessment approach capitalizes on more than 50 years of consistent research evidence supporting the assessment center method—the most in-depth and accurate way of evaluating leadership skills, fit, and potential. The insights gained from this multi-rater and multi-method process leads to improved talent decisions and clearer understanding of an individual’s likely performance within your business context.

Core Capabilities

Improving the Quality of Hires

    Value of Assessment

  • Select superior talent—reduce the cost of poor hiring
  • Maximize new hire “fit” with the job, team, and culture
  • Accelerate new hire integration
  • Provide valuable coaching insight to hiring managers

    MDA Solutions

  • Comprehensive assessments for selection:
  • — Leading a Business
  • — Leading a Function
  • — Leading Leaders
  • — Leading Others
  • Screening Assessments


    Your strength comes through the pre-hire assessment process. Over the years, we have trusted your opinions relative to how well someone is going to fit in a particular job based not only on their individual skills, but also on how well they fit into the culture of the organization.

    - Andrea Schilling, Global Head of Human Resources, Värde

Identifying Readiness to Advance

    Value of Assessments

  • Benchmark high potentials with an objective, third-party view
  • Strengthen the talent pipeline
  • Invest in the right talent to meet future needs

    MDA Solutions

  • Comprehensive assessments for readiness:
  • — Leading a Business
  • — Leading a Function
  • — Leading Leaders
  • — Leading Others
  • The Bench Strength Experience™


    You provided us with additional tools and process to evaluate and select the best CEO candidate and help reduce the risk of making the wrong choice.

    - Roger Fix, Former Chief Executive Officer, President and Chairman of the Board, Standex International Corporation

Sustaining Executive Leadership

    Value of Assessment

  • Identify executive bench strength
  • Align executive teams and boards
  • Ensure readiness for key leadership changes

    MDA Solutions

  • CEO & Executive Blueprinting™
  • Comprehensive assessment for potential and/or readiness
  • CEO Selection Assessment


    People wait to make a talent decision based on the assessment results. We put our trust in you. You make a big impact on our business based on what you do.

    - A national premier retail organization

Accelerating Development

    Value of Assessment

  • Awaken potential through powerful feedback
  • Align development with business needs
  • Accelerate growth and performance
  • Engage and retain key talent

    MDA Solutions

  • A3 Leadership Inventory™— multi-rater/360° feedback
  • Group assessment and development centers
  • Comprehensive assessment for development
  • On Track Assessment™
  • Bench Strength Assessment
  • Executive Insight™


    MDA does an incredible job of pinpointing strengths and development needs and insights. The firm also provides feedback for individuals, gives feedback in a development-oriented way, and supports the start of development plans in a meaningful way.

    - Jason Ortmeier, Director of Learning and Development, Mortenson

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