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  • Pearls of Leadership Wisdom, Vol I: Lessons for Everyday Leaders

    Pragmatic, practical and immediately useful, Pearls of Leadership Wisdom, Volume I provides leaders at all levels with a fresh perspective on ways to potentially lead better. Based on lessons learned by author Sandra Davis, Ph.D., in working with leaders of all types over the past 30 years, the book’s 30 pearls are “quick reads” intended to get you thinking and acting on becoming a better leader.

    Leaders of all types have found Pearls of Leadership Wisdom, Volume I to be encouraging, empowering and practical for immediate use. The pearls can inspire many leaders when leveraged in such ways as:

    • Providing copies for all leaders to reinforce the importance of leadership and ongoing professional development
    • Including the pearls in leadership development programs via keynote presentations or workshops
    • Using the pearls during team or staff meetings or retreats to encourage group discussion
    • Sending a pearl to someone struggling with an issue covered in that particular pearl
    • Creating a leadership column related to a pearl
    • Encouraging leaders to start a journal of leadership reflections, based on the pearls, to capture lessons learned
    • Using the pearls as part of mentoring and coaching conversations
    • Applying the pearls outside of work, such as in volunteer or community leadership roles, or even in personal interactions

    We are confident you will find your own ways to practically use these pearls and make them your own. We wish you great joy and success in your leadership journey!

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