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A Top-Tier Talent Strategy at World-Class Mayo Clinic

Learn more about the Mayo Clinic’s mission and vision, and how it aligns its business strategy with its talent strategy.

The Value and Impact at Mayo Clinic

Listen as top executives from the Mayo Clinic share how assessment and development work has transformed the way they operate within the organization, within their teams, and as leaders.

Early Leader Identification and Development at Mayo Clinic

Hear more about the value Mayo Clinic places on its early leadership pipeline.

How Assessment Differs in Private Equity Versus Corporate Context

How does assessment differ in a private equity versus a corporate context? There’s a significant difference in these environments because the time horizon and investment goals are so different. Hear a panel of experts discuss how assessment in the PE environment needs to be about focusing on the investment thesis and then assessing the talent to determine the ability of leaders to capitalize on that thesis.

The Value of Assessment

How can private equity firms make certain their portfolio companies have the right talent, culture, and leadership to thrive and deliver the highest returns on investment? A panel of experts discusses the value of assessment in ensuring that you have the right people in place, working together, to quickly produce results that achieve investors' goals.

Selecting for C-Suite Roles in Portfolio Companies

Just as a great CEO and leadership team can propel a portfolio company to new heights of success, the wrong leaders can be debilitating. A recent Harvard Business Review study noted that portfolio company leadership has a 10-15% impact on financial performance and a 25-30% impact on market valuation. Hear from experts how to better select C-suite leadership in portfolio companies.

Leading Organizational Transformation: Three CEOs Share Personal Leadership Lessons

A highlight video from MDA Leadership's Breakfast Briefing on Leading Organizational Transformation. Listen as CEOs Tim Collins of EBSCO Information Services, Maria Flynn of JFF (Jobs for the Future), and Travis York of GYK Antler share personal leadership lessons on leading organizational transformation.

How CEOs Think About Disruption

A highlight video from MDA Leadership's Breakfast Briefing on Leading Organizational Transformation. Hear how CEOs Tim Collins of EBSCO Information Services, Maria Flynn of JFF (Jobs for the Future), and Travis York of GYK Antler think about disruption.

Leading Organizational Transformation: CEO Tim Collins of EBSCO Information Services Shares Insight

CEO Tim Collins of EBSCO Information Services shares how he worked with MDA Leadership to transform his company and change the culture in order to fuel future growth. Learn from his success.

The Value of Coaching: CEO Maria Flynn of JFF Shares Insights

CEO Maria Flynn of JFF (Jobs for the Future) shares her insights on the value of coaching, especially as a new CEO transitioning into the role. Yet this type of approach could certainly apply to any executive starting a new role or wanting to enhance their performance.

Building a Business Case for High-Potential Programs

Many clients ask: How do you generate executive support for a high-potential leadership development program? In this video, Paul Georgoff of Dacotah Bank, Jason Ortmeier of Mortenson, and Jeff Stoner of MDA Leadership share their experiences.

Action Learning Leads to Business Results

Mortenson’s top leaders knew that for the company to grow, it needed leaders ready and able to assume expanded roles and take advantage of new geographic and market opportunities, but it needed to be done within the context of Mortenson’s business needs. Thus, action learning became the basis of Mortenson’s program for high-potential leaders called Advanced Leadership Development. Learn more about this innovative program that has had a big impact on the organization’s future.

Accelerating High Potentials

Organizations need their next generation of leaders to assume greater leadership scope, responsibility, and complexity at a rate faster than their predecessors. Much will be asked of these future leaders. What do proven experiences look like that truly prepare high potentials to meet and exceed expectations? In this video, Paul Georgoff shares how Dacotah Bank is preparing for a bright future.

Would you and your team like to have better conversations?

Research shows that leaders spend 70 to 90 percent of their daily time in conversation, yet much of the potential power of these conversations is wasted due to lack of clear planning and intention. What if there was a better way to ensure your conversations drive the results you need?

Developing Function Leaders to Drive Business Growth

To measurably boost the performance of your function leaders, consider the Function Leader Development Experience (FLDE), a highly targeted, experiential development opportunity. Hear how FLDE helped Debbie Stang, Chief Operating Officer, Midco and Ben Dold, VP of Central Operations, Midco, drive organizational performance.

Defining and Selecting High-Potential Leaders

How do leading organizations define and select high-potential leaders? Watch this video to hear Paul Georgoff of Dacotah Bank and Jason Ortmeier of Mortenson discuss what’s working well at their organizations.