"MDA is a trusted advisor in making the critical choices for leadership selection and development to ensure we have the strongest talent possible for our future. Professional, insightful, responsive, and focused on our business needs, they are an invaluable part of our team."

— Richard Davis
Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer
U.S. Bank
Minneapolis, MN

What We Do

Talent Assessment

Leadership. A huge demand. A very limited supply. The bells and whistles of technology make all the noise, but it is the human side of business that makes all the difference. Today the demand for leadership greatly exceeds the available supply. Corporate America’s ambitious promises to customers, employees, and other stakeholders require talent management methods that ensure more fully performing leaders than ever before.

Whether you’re selecting internal or external candidates for a critical position, analyzing your talent and determining skill gaps for development needs, considering who will replace your CEO in the next two to five years, or determining the leadership skills needed to succeed in tomorrow’s economy—we can help you manage your talent more effectively through talent assessment, executive assessment, high-potential identification, succession planning, job analysis and competency development.

Ecolab Enhances Managerial Assessments

Salespeople know success through their sales performance. That’s why even the most successful salespeople aren’t always interested in or ready for managerial positions. So when Ecolab sought a more effective assessment process for identifying and developing candidates for front-line sales management positions, it turned to longtime partner MDA Leadership Consulting. MDA provided the company with a timely, tailored and cost effective version of MDA’s information-rich Fast Track Assessment process. The results? A clean sweep for Ecolab: better information, better-prepared managerial candidates and better business results.